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Fighting a Hard Battle

Our public launch, as part of Sheffield’s Off the Shelf 2016 Festival of Words

Remember everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle

– Plato

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Our performance on 15th October 2016 was the public launch of our work, in the main programme at Sheffield’s Off the Shelf 2016 Festival of Words.

It was hosted by the University of Sheffield English Department’s Theatre Workshop and promoted by Sheffield Mental Health Week.

It was an evening of poetry, performance, music and dance exploring Dora’s short life, raising questions about mental health and how we deal with it.

In turn, sad, funny, beautiful, inspiring, thought-provoking and hard-hitting, it drew on social media, chanson, forensics, philosophy, film clips and Star Trek!

The performance was well attended and the audience were engaged throughout. “There was a special feeling in the house”. “The show was emotional, amazingly well prepared and a delight to be at.”

The performance stimulated wide-ranging discussion round the corner afterwards – in the appropriately named Doctor’s Orders Pub.

What I liked especially about the show is that it reflects the whole person, all their strengths and passions, the different aspects of their life: a person can’t (and mustn’t) simply be defined by their mental illness.

The show was one of the top ten highlights of the festival, according to RC Media and was reported on Central Bulletin

We’re really happy to have this as part of our programme this year. Giving space and voice to the mental health issues experienced by young people is a vital part of wellbeing, recovery and any healthy community.” Sheffield Mental Health Week

Proceeds from tickets sales and book sales were donated to Sheffield MIND.

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hard battle

“A creative future in her hands”

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